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Meltzer's Puremints

Meltzer's Natural Peppermint Puremints

Meltzer's Natural Peppermint Puremints

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Meltzer’s Natural Peppermint Puremints

Meltzer's All Natural mints are the best mints you will ever taste. Our Peppermint Oil is of supreme quality. It has a smooth, full-bodied flavor that is naturally crisp and cool. Made from peppermint grown in the Pacific Northwest, famous for the highest quality mint oil, Meltzer's peppermint oil is absolutely pure and natural. We worked closely with our grower to develop our unique, custom blend.

Meltzer's all natural mints also contain an herbal blend specifically for supporting fresh breath and healthy digestion - organic peppermint, organic parsley, organic chamomile, and organic chlorella. Great natural breath mints and fantastic peppermints overall.

All natural with no artificial flavor enhancers, no artificial cooling agents, no artificial anything. 

Non-GMO, Gluten free with organic herbs.

Our mints are smooth, not sharp little bits, and do not have a chalky feeling.


Meltzer's Peppermint: Cane sugar,  Peppermint oil, Organic Peppermint, Organic Parsley, Organic Chlorella, Organic Chamomile, Stearic acid (vegetable).


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