About Us

Meltzer's began with the vision of creating great tasting, all natural products of the finest quality. And that is exactly what we have done. Meltzer's reinvents natural breath mints with pastilles that contain pure oils, real herbs and offer healthy, beneficial value:

As a Research Scientist, and also Nutritionist, Linda Meltzer has been developing complex herbal and vitamin formulas in the field of health and scientific nutrition for over 25 years. Linda's expertise in vitamin and nutritional biochemistry - specifically, the development of products that support optimal health and deal with imbalances - provided the starting point for natural mint pastilles that also offered healthy value. Her direct, hands on experience in flavor formulation and development, and also in manufacturing,  ensured all products would taste fantastic as well as have good mouthfeel and form.

Mint, and many spices and herbs, are natural and have beneficial value for health. Mint, Ginger, and Licorice have been used for centuries, all over the world, as a spice and for their numerous health benefits. Peppermint in particular is a commonly used herb in lozenges, breath mints, and candies; however it is being processed and modified until it is no longer natural and pure. This is also true for many other natural oils and herbs.

Unfortunately, most breath mints - the form that one finds peppermint commonly available in the marketplace  - are not high quality. Most 'mints' are terribly sweet - whether the sweetener is sugar, xylitol, or an artificial one, too sweet is the prevailing taste. The actual  herb or mint oil appears to be an afterthought. Frequently menthol is used, which is an inexpensive way to make a breath mint cool while using small amounts of actual mint. We call that 'window dressing' in product development.  

And often just flavor is used, not the actual herb or oil that has health and digestive benefits and takes us back into history as to why mints began being used in the first place - to help with digestion after a meal. Thus the true meaning of pastille in this instance - a healthy mint that actually contains real herbs and has beneficial value. It means much more than what we are most familiar with as a standard breath mint in today's marketplace

Meltzer's has changed that. Our natural mints are pure, potent and not overly sweet. We use real oils and herbs. The taste is full-bodied and potent. As a breath mint, it is truly the highest quality available. As a functional pastille, Meltzer's mints redefine how mints should be.

Try Meltzer's mints and enjoy quality  -  the way it should be.

Linda Meltzer