About The Mints

Meltzer's uses the finest quality ingredients to make our all natural mints the best tasting, healthy and functional mints available. By functional, we mean the mints offer beneficial value due to the use of real oils plus proprietary blends of herbs in each formula. Meltzer's offers much more than a standard breath mint - clean, potent and the best tasting natural mint available.

Mint oil in particular is an interesting subject and ingredient. True mint oil is not always used - mint flavor is instead. But there are varying grades of mint oil as well, for those that actually list real oil as an ingredient. Quality mint oil is a costly yet health promoting actual ingredient yet cheap, inexpensive oil is available and is often used in making candy, standard breath mints, and as a flavoring ingredient. Mint oil is like wine and quality varies greatly as does price - and cost is usually the bottom line. 

Peppermint oil is commonly adulterated or modified with additional cooling agents, that may or may not be all natural. That way cheap oil can be made to have a strong "cooling" sensation without being high quality. Less real oil can then be used to give a regular breath mint it's cool sensation, yet the label might still read "mint oil" . And often the oil is further blended with other artificial ingredients including flavors, colors and sweeteners. Some breath mints also contain animal gelatin.

Even some natural breath mints that contain real herbs, or claim they do, have very little in it. A pastille that contains ginger root should taste like it - not like a sweet candy that reminds one faintly of ginger or some other flavor. A pastille that claims to be Licorice should really contain Licorice - not just a "licorice like" flavor. The same is true for other herbs and oils.

Meltzer's Natural Puremints contain all natural ingredients. Meltzer's mints are Gluten Free, ingredients are not irradiated, and no propylene glycol is used in any of our natural flavors. No MSG is used in any of our natural mints.

Meltzer's mints are also CERTIFIED NON-GMO.

So spread the word. You finally found a truly great mint.