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Meltzer's Natural Licorice Puremints

$ 23.49

Warm, pungent, and full bodied. This is how natural licorice is supposed to taste - not super sweet with just a ‘licorice-like’ candy flavor. Licorice has a natural, full-bodied and aromatic character – loading it up with additional sweeteners, whether natural or artificial, destroys the flavor of true Licorice.

Meltzer’s goes all out with our top of the line all natural licorice Puremints made with real DGL licorice root not just flavor. Meltzer's natural licorice mints contains a special type of licorice called DGL (deglycerrhized) Licorice. DGL Licorice is particularly known for it's healthy & beneficial effects on digestion and is the subject of ongoing research.

Meltzer's all natural licorice formula is further enhanced with organic Anise seed, organic Cardamom, and organic Fennel for the most delicious, full-bodied licorice natural mint available.

Licorice lovers will fall in love with these true licorice mints – even red licorice lovers who swear to not like black licorice have converted after tasting Meltzer’s DGL Licorice mints! Gluten free with organic herbs.


Meltzer's DGL Licorice:  Cane sugar, DGL Licorice root extract (deglycerrhized), Natural flavor, Organic Licorice root, Peppermint oil, Organic Anise, Organic Fennel, Organic Cardamom, Stearic acid (vegetable).

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