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Meltzer's Puremints

Meltzer's Natural Ginger Puremints

Meltzer's Natural Ginger Puremints

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Spicy and pungent, Meltzer's All Natural Ginger Puremints are a ginger lover's delight. Ginger has a long and well-documented history of culinary and medicinal use and many of its health benefits, such as helping with nausea and motion sickness, have been substantiated in scientific research.

Meltzer's All Natural Ginger mints contain  ginger root standardized to  5% gingerols to ensure consistent levels of active components. Gingerols are a class of compounds in ginger root that conveys many of the health properties of ginger. Meltzer's natural ginger is the highest quality available  - it is a supercritical extract (made without dangerous solvents) with excellent taste and potency. With the addition of Korean, Tienchi, and American Ginsengs, natural herbs that also help with digestion, Meltzer's Ginger mints are healthy, beneficial,  and the best tasting ginger mints on the market, period

Ginger is popular for helping with nausea associated with motion, and is great for travelers. We suggest sucking on or swallowing 6 mints prior to activity and continuing to munch as needed. Meltzer's all natural mints are gluten free with organic herbs.


Meltzer's Ginger: Cane sugar, Ginger root extract (5% gingerols), Natural flavors, Organic ginger root, American ginseng ext, Korean ginseng ext, Tienchi ginseng ext, Organic Peppermint, Stearic acid (vegetable).

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