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Meltzer's Puremints are more than a standard candy mint.  Excellent, clean flavor, highest quality ingredients, natural & pure  - the best mint you will ever taste. Plus, because they contain a significant amount of real oils and herbs, they help sooth the stomach and help digestion. Try them today - there is no other mint that comes near in taste or quality.

Meltzer's natural mints contain natural, pure oils and organic herbs that taste great as well as have a healthy soothing function on digestion.  Meltzer's natural mints are absolutely pure - our Peppermints are deliciously cool, Ginger mints are pungent and spicy, Licorice mints are warm and full-bodied and our Spearmints are light and refreshing. Not overly sweet, you can really taste the herb or oil used.  Our new Cinnamon mints are warm and spicy and Matcha Green Tea mints refreshing with a hint of mint. 

Non-GMO, Gluten Free, All Natural, and no chalky taste or sharp bits - just a smooth potent and delicious mint that you will love. Try them and you will agree they are the truly the best mint, the way mints should be.

NEW!!  Meltzer's OraPure TM Herbal Breath Spray

OraPure TM  is a potent breath freshener made with Organic Herbs. Get a blast a freshness with two flavors:  Peppermint or Cinnamon with real essential oils, organic herbs, and xylitol in a base of organic alcohol, organic glycerin and distilled water

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